What to Expect from Psychotherapy.

The therapeutic process varies depending on several factors, however there are some common aspects of therapy that you are likely to experience when you enter a therapeutic relationship.

Typically, the first session is a consultation session – a time to gather important information about you and whether psychotherapy will be useful to you. This is also a very good time to ask questions you may have for the therapist. You should feel you can trust and respect your therapist and that your therapist is understanding of your situation.

Once you’ve decided to work with a particular therapist, the next 2-4 sessions are an assessment phase in order to clarify the concerns or problems causing you distress. After this is completed, many therapists help develop a goal plan with their clients to specify what they wish to achieve in their therapy. Some therapists may require more activity during therapy than just talking with you about particular issues. Some therapists may be more direct in session, while others let the client direct the course of therapy.

Some therapies are relatively short, while others require a longer time commitment.

Each session of therapy usually last 50 minutes and you generally meet with your therapist once a week or once every other week.